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3A Composite Bridges

We are the global market leader in sandwich composite material applications. Our aim is to expand our market share by continually providing innovative solutions to our customers. Our growth strategy emphasizes focus on emerging markets and on strategic acquisitions complementing our existing portfolio.


AB2 BIO Ltd.

Development of therapies for severe inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

ABCD Technology Sarl

ABCD unique thin film deposition technology platform results from the combination of oriented chemical precursors beams in a high vacuum with beam irradiation to assist the precursor decomposition mechanism.

Abionic SA

Abionic uses the most advanced technology to supply physicians with a novel point-of-care diagnostic tool and thereby provide patients with personal allergy profiles.


ABMI develops markets and sells custom and OEM monitoring systems for the prevention and treatment of stroke. Application domains include brain monitoring, neuroprotection during heart and vascular surgery and transcutaneous stenting, acute stroke care and cerebral 3D dynamic vascular imaging.

AC Immune SA

AC Immune is a leading Swiss-based biopharmaceutical company with three products in clinical trials. The Company designs, discovers and develops therapeutic and diagnostic products for diseases of protein misfolding. AC Immune’s disease-modifying and disease prevention technology platforms create products to address large markets across a broad spectrum of high value CNS indications, Alzheimer's being the largest indication addressed.

ActLight SA

The ActLight technical team consists of the experts in the fields of devices, materials, integration process, characterization techniques, and circuits design

Advanced Track & Trace SA

Leader in digital security applied to Brand, Government and Banl Protection.


Advanced Engineering Design Solutions (AEDS) Ltd. is a consulting firm specialising in scientific/engineering services related to numerical simulations, with particular focus on fluid dynamics and subjects close to this field, such as acoustics, emissions and heat transfer issues.

Aginova Sàrl

Aginova Inc. is a low power wireless (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart) sensor network solution provider. Sensor types include Temperature, Humidity, Energy Sensors and more.

Aimago SA

Aïmago EasyLDI Microcirculation Camera Perfusion assessment at its best: EasyLDI is non-invasive, objective and highly intuitive. It works continuously and without delay, both inside and outside the operating room. No injections. No turning off the ambient light. This proven and clinically relevant additional diagnostic vision empowers surgeons and nurses to optimize decisions based on the microcirculation reality. The goal is clear: Early identification of poorly perfused tissue that has an increased risk for necrosis or delayed healing.


AISTS - Académie Internationale des Sciences et Techniques du Sport. Recherche et formation dans le domaine du sport. Services

Akselos SA

Akselos provides simulation software that empower engineers to design robust products with reduced time to market, monitor mission critical systems in real-time, anticipate and prevent system failures. Our software platform provides the accuracy and generality of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with much greater speed and convenience.

Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA

New medtech venture . Implantable brain electrodes

Almatech Sàrl

Design de structures et de systèmes mécaniques pour l’industrie spatiale et la construction navale Mechanics;Services

Alpsens Technologies SA

Innovative Food Safety

Amazentis SA

Life Science

André Roland

We offer a wide range of service in the field of Intellectual Property to Companies of all sizes, Swiss or Foreign

Anecova SA

Focused on the development and commercialization of new technologies in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Anokion SA

At Anokion, we are focused on applying our antigen-specific immune tolerance technology to reduce the immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins and treat autoimmune diseases.

Antlia SA

Based on its unique proprietary implantable pump technology, Antlia has developed ithetis, the world’s most advanced and versatile implantable drug delivery pump, to provide researchers and veterinary health care professionals the means to achieve high quality and cost effective animal research.


AP-Swiss supports Swiss companies, from start-up to large corporations, who wish to develop applications and services using existing satellites and space systems: telecommunication satellites, positioning systems (GPS, Galileo) and Earth observation satellites (imagery, meteorology, oceanic altimetry, etc…). AP-Swiss represents the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Swiss Space Office (SSO). Funding is provided through the "Integrated Applications Promotion" (IAP) and the "Satellite Telecommunications Applications" (SatComs) programs of ESA.

apptitude Sàrl

apptitude is a design-centered software agency based at the Scientifik Park (PSE), in Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne (EPFL), in Lausanne, Switzerland. We focus on crafting smartly designed digital products with intuitive user interfaces while following the latest standards, to deliver the best solution for your needs. We also work hand in hand with you from beginning to end to make sure your solution achieves its purpose and makes everyone happy.


AQUA+TECH is one of the seven multinational flocculant firms and the only producer focusing on the Southern Hemisphere as well as Asia. Our flocculants are applied in all the water’s manifestations, from clarifying potable and bottled sources, to dewatering sludge to pretreatment in municipal WWTPs. Our polymers are applied in industrial effluent treatment including that from the food (sugar, edible oil), chemical, and paper sectors. They also find application as drilling fluids, in oil recovery as well as in mining.


Asceneuron has the mission to develop effective therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative diseases such as tauopathies.

Atracsys Sarl

Atracsys LLC is an independent privately held company founded in 2004 to exploit over ten years of research in minimally invasive surgery and optical tracking at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. We design, manufacture and market the highest precision devices for researchers working on leading-edge 3D optical tracking in medical research, education and industry. Atracsys also creates interactive solutions (multi-touch software and custom hardware) to let your customers live an unforgettable experience, increase your sales and improve your brand image. We help you design your project and provide support every step of the way. Stand out from the competition !

Attolight SA

Ultrafast spectroscopy for nano-photonics

AVK Systems SA

Audiovisual IT technology and solutions

Ayanda Biosystems SA

Ayanda Biosystems develops innovative diagnostic and drug discovery tools.

Azbooka SA

Azbooka develops an on-line service with the aim of improving the mathematical knowledge of young people by making the study process more efficient.


BeamExpress SA

BeamExpress SA, located in Lausanne, Switzerland is a privately held company developing in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) advanced long wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) with wavelengths ranging from 1200nm to 1650nm, for application in high-speed optical communications. BeamExpress SA is a spin-off from BeamExpress Inc, CA, USA, which was acquired by NeoPhotonics Inc. in September 2006.

Belair Biotech SA

A Swiss company that has received international recognition for its innovative approach to resolving some of the difficult problems of detecting and cleaning up pollution, via biological treatments, BELAIR is currently perfecting methods of wastewater treatment, the transformation of waste residues into biofuels, and general bioremediation of toxic waste. Partner in an EU FP7 project, BACSIN, BELAIR is involved in analyses of microbial communities and stressors in bioreactor processes. Incorporated in 2007, BELAIR relies on bioreactor technology and is preparing to launch its solutions on a worldwide scale.


BestMile is a Swiss startup active in developing solutions and services for urban mobility. These offers are designed to manage any vehicle fleet which brings a solution to the last mile problem. BestMile was created in January 2014 by three alumni of the EPFL (Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne) with experience in planning of transport systems as well as operation of innovative vehicles. Our expertise lies in accompanying of our clients in the setup and operation of a multi-modal, turnkey mobility service, whose real-time management allows an improvement in service quality as well as a noteworthy lowering of operational costs. BestMile offers its clients: (1) A “public transport”-type approach, from planning to execution of a last mile mobility service, (2) A unique software to operate heterogeneous fleets of innovative and traditionnal vehicles, and (3) Assistance in the operation of innovative mobility solutions with a focus on automated transport systems

Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd

Based in Cambridge, U.K., Bicycle Therapeutics is a newly established biotech company developing a novel technology for the creation of a new generation of biotherapeutics which combine the desirable features of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals.

Biocartis SA

Medical devices for molecular diagnostics

Biophos SA

QualiSperm™ provides automated assessment of male fertility in both humans and animals

Biosensors Europe SA

The Biosensors International group of companies develop, manufacture and market innovative medical devices for interventional cardiology and critical care procedures. Our aim is to improve patients' lives through pioneering medical technology that pushes forward the boundaries of innovation.

BlueBotics SA

BlueBotics provides the ANT® navigation product for automation, and custom solutions for service robotics.

Bluewatt Eng

Development of a complete simulation and optimization platform for Waste Water Treatments Plants.

Bmob Sagl

Bmob is a young company headquartered in Lugano (Switzerland). It was founded in May 2010 with the idea that dynamic parking information is the missing piece of the mobility puzzle. We are focusing our efforts on providing parking information to the largest possible user base, using novel architecture that mixes dedicated sensors with data mining. Bmob co-founders are coming from both industry and academics, with literally decades of experience in mobile navigation, wireless networking and data mining. We share a common vision and we are strongly committed to become “the parking oracle”!

Bruker BioSpin AG

Dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing life science tools based on magnetic resonance. Coil-on-a-Chip Technology

BugBuster SA

BugBuster enables Web Developers to test their applications combining fully automatic exploration and a very intuitive JavaScript API to specify functional properties.


Calcom ESI SA

Software developments in the fields of Virtual Manufacturing and Virtual Prototyping

Calerga Sarl

Calerga is well known for Sysquake, its scientific software with outstanding interactivity capabilities which help understanding mathematics, physics and engineering and enable the rapid design of high-performance technical systems; LyME, an application for Palm OS handheld devices which borrows the math programming language of Sysquake; and Sysquake Remote, which adds to HTML pages computation results and graphics created dynamically by evaluating embedded code.

Camptocamp SA

To implement your most ambitious projects, Camptocamp builds customized solutions based on the best Open Source technologies. Since 2001, Camptocamp has been relying on the skill and expertise of its employees to develop innovative Open Source Geospatial, Business, and Infrastructure software solutions.

CFS Engineering SA

CFS Engineering is specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations for complex engineering problems. Studies made range from bio-medical flow simulations to high speed re-entry capsule simulations. CFS Engineering also maintains the Aircraft Design software suite CEASIOM ( that can be used in the conceptual aircraft design phase.

Cimark SA

CimArk helps SMEs to improve their competitiveness and provides professional support for start-up companies.

Citiviz Sàrl

Created on August 15th 2012, Citiviz Sàrl (Citiviz) is a spin-off from Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the Geographic information systems laboratory (LASIG) leaded by Prof. François Golay ( Citiviz creates a specialized cloud-based ecosystem hosting urban intelligence unique products for strategic, tactical and operational decision making. These products are delivering business intelligence and monitoring benefits for smart cities. Our solutions are used by companies, public organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and major international organizations. Citiviz ecosystem and products help them in solving problems and in answering knowledge needs related to transportation, urban planning, regional planning, architecture and environmental engineering.

Cleanea Sàrl

Conception, development and production of a machine able to produce up to 90% of any building's cleaning products on site. Thanks to our innovative and patented electrolysis system, you can produce your own detergents on site out of salt, water and electricity only.


CoorpAcademy développe des solutions MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) pour les CORPs, c'est-à-dire pour les entreprises. Que ce soit pour la formation professionnelle ou le BtoBtoC, les plateformes de CoorpAcademy constituent une révolution dans le monde de l'apprentissage, au plan technologique, au plan pédagogique et en terme de business model.

Crisalix SA

Crisalix aims to develop scientific technologies in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery to improve surgeon-patient relationships. Thanks to its unique solution available on the Internet, Crisalix offers practitioners new consultation standards.

Crossing-Tech SA

With more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing banking solutions, Crossing Tech has developed an innovative integration solution: the connectivity factory - designed to solve the critical problem of data inconsistency among incompatible systems.

Cyberbotics Ltd.

Cyberbotics develops and markets Webots : a simulation and fast prototyping software for mobile robots.

Cytomec Sarl

Cytomec GmbH presents an innovative technology for cell culture on high extension surfaces.


Daav Technologies China Ltd

Mobile computing and its applications Decentralized, distributed and P2P search Advanced barcode generation and decoding

Dartfish SA

Dartfish is a high growth, video-centric and customer driven company, which develops applications to use video and video enriched content in professional and communities' workflows.

Debiopharm SA

Debiopharm Group™ is a Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical group of companies with a focus on the development of innovative prescription drugs that target unmet medical needs. It in-licenses promising biologics and small molecule candidates.

Delta Robotics Sarl

Delta Robotics is an innovative Tissue engineering company located in Switzerland. We offer cutting-edge bioprinting solutions for bio-medical research. Our Bio Factory® is a versatile and cell-friendly printing platform, that allows researchers to pattern cells, biomolecules and a range of soft and rigid materials in desirable 3D structures.


Our two main areas of expertise are mobile platforms, as well as Microsoft technologies (.NET, Silverlight, Azure). Whether you want an application for the main mobile platforms (iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android, BlackBerry) or computers (Web and desktop), we can do it. Also see:

Device Gateway

Device Gateway develops and provides solutions to integrate and manage a highly scalable and heterogeneous Internet of Things with: - Interoperability enablers for multi-protocol and multi-systems integration - Control and Monitoring system for IoT with a high scalability capacity - IoT - Cloud computing (SaaS) integration - Legacy protocol integration into IPv6/6LoWPAN/CoAP

DiagnoSwiss SA

DiagnoSwiss SA is a biotechological company developing biosensor platforms based on proprietary microfluidic technologies for bioanalyses in submicroliter volume and pecialised in electrochemistry, microchip-based biosensors and protein analysis,

Didel SA

Components to fly the lightest home flyers Robots and µC kits for education and fun

Digicomcore SA

Solutions for wireless telecom industry

DistalMotion Sarl

DistalMotion is a medical device start-up company developing a new generation of minimally-invasive surgery.

DomoSafety SA

Smart home care service designed with the seniors in mind and aiming at enhancing care given by the caregivers, family and providers

Dorphan SA

DORPHAN S.A. is a Swiss biopharmaceutical company whose mission is the development of innovative therapeutic solutions for rare diseases. The company operates by identifying, acquiring and further developing promising early stage research programs.


Edel Therapeutics SA

Promotion de la santé et lutte contre les maladies; découverte, développement et commercialisation de nouvelles substances ou préparations d'origine naturelle possédant une activité biologique pouvant être évaluée au moyen de tests appropriés avec le respect de l'environnement et de la conservation de la biodiversité.

EDSI-Tech Sàrl

EDSI-Tech Sàrl is active since 2005 in the domain of research and development of web and mobile applications. Integrating novel technologies, our solutions are tailor-made to fulfill the needs of our clients amongst which we can count the CHUV, British American Tobacco, the Swiss Confederation and the EPFL.

Enairys Powertech SA

Hydro-pneumatic energy conversion and storage solutions

Encelade Capital SA

Development of quantitative strategies for institutional investors.

Eneftech Innovation SA

Eneftech Innovation was created in 2004 in Switzerland, to market new sustainable energy technologies able to supply combined heat and electricity using renewable energy sources (biomass, solar thermal, geothermal) and / or other heat sources (boilers, exhaust gases, industrial waste heat). Eneftech develops patented micro-turbine systems, based on the highly effective Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

EPIQR Rénovation Sàrl

Aide à la décision pour la rénovation des bâtiments Services

Equinoxe MIS Development Sàrl

Engineering and R&D in the areas of academical and healthcare management.


Develops and deploys effective, high quality and affordable medical devices, adapted to the needs of impoverished communities

Estia SA

Innovation and implementation of sustainable development principles in buildings, logistics and transportation.

Etel SA

Since our founding in 1974, ETEL has grown steadily into a leading global supplier of high performance motion control components and motion systems.

ExcellGene SA

ExcellGene SA is an established, science and technology driven Service Provider to the Pharma/Biotech industry. It pioneered innovative technologies resolving problems of expression and manufacture of recombinant proteins from mammalian cells. ExcellGene's technologies cover vectors, gene transfer systems, cell hosts, screening platforms for cells and processes, scale-up principles and bioreactors.

Exponential Interactive Sàrl

Tribal Fusion is a digital marketing solutions company that drives superior results at all levels of the purchase funnel. Our company is built around dedicated vertical teams that leverage their industry-specific knowledge of “what works” to create fully customized advertising solutions to help companies capitalize on opportunities at every level of the consumer decision process.


Faceshift SA

Faceshift software analyzes the face motions of an actor, and describes them as a mixture of basic expressions, plus head orientation and gaze. This description is then used to animate virtual characters for use in movie or game prodcution. We have astonishing real time tracking and a high quality offline postprocessing in a single, convenient application.

Fastcom Technology SA

The company provides the following solutions and services: SMACS: Complete solutions for managing securely physical flows between public zones to secure zones (e.g. airlocks, entry doors, …) SFA: Complete solutions for early detection of smoke and fire based on IR&video data STCS solutions: Solutions and services for securely and efficiently connecting server-based applications and data to thin-clients Consulting services: Services range from defining the architecture to implementing and testing the solution. Typical domains are physical and data security, embedded systems and mobile devices

Fiaxell Sàrl

Fiaxell is a company active in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), which provides components for SOFC research and development. We have developed with EPFL, the Open Flanges Test Set-Up, a reliable test bench for SOFC and SOEC button cell. The Open Flanges allows for flexible cell dimension and quick mounting time, it can reach high fuel utilization and achieves performances similar to complex sealed setups. Electrolysis (water, CO2) and in situ gas processing for SOEC are also possible with our integrated steamer and gas processor. We provide as well accessories for SOFC testing: gold, nickel and crofer mesh and gauze for electrode current collection, interconnects (Cell-Connex) and inks (organic and water soluble) for screen printing. We are also active in R&D and have developed a redox resistant anode supported cell (ASC), the 2R-Cell. Fiaxell is also official retailer of swiss made PEM hydrogen generator, reliable mass flow controllers and ceramic powders.

FiveCo Sarl

FiveCo is an engineering office created in September 2002 which enjoys a significant experience and has many skills in the research, development and integration of systems. Its know-how is essentially in the use of microcontroller systems with artificial intelligence, complex mechanics and of algorithms for image processing.

Fondation IM4TB

The Innovative Medicines for Tuberculosis (iM4TB) Foundation aims to support, promote and actively participate in drug discovery and drug development concerning Tuberculosis and similar poverty-related and neglected diseases such as leprosy or Buruli ulcer. This includes support and coordination of R+D activities as well as conducting specific studies on identified candidate drugs such as toxicology and early clinical trials.

Force Dimension Sarl

Founded with the support and expertise of Switzerland's leading R&D facilities, Force Dimension has more than a decade of first-hand haptic technology expertise. | Close partnerships with leaders in R&D, high-tech manufacturing and marketing enable the company to stay constantly at the cutting edge of haptic design.


Frontiers is a leading community-driven open-access publisher. Established by scientists in 2007, Frontiers drives innovations in peer review, post-publication review, impact metrics for articles and authors, democratic evaluation of the best research papers, research networking and a growing ecosystem of open-science tools. The "Frontiers in" journal series has published over 30,000 peer-reviewed articles across 53 journals and 400 academic disciplines, which receive 8 million monthly views, and are supported by over 200,000 leading researchers worldwide. Frontiers for Young Minds, a philanthropic initiative by Frontiers, is a science journal that involves young people in the review of articles. In 2014, Frontiers won the ALPSP Gold Award for Innovation in Publishing. For more information, visit:

Future Instruments is a collaborative research network active in the field of new musical interfaces and interactive technologies.


G24 Innovations LMT

G24i is a technology leader in the manufacturing and development of third generation, thin film, photovoltaic cells and modules known as dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) on a flexible substrate.

Gaiasens Technologies Sarl

GAIASENS works on measuring and modelising environmental phenomenons. One of our specialities are meteorological real time measurements in extreme regions. The information from these measurements helps authorities to better understand and manage natural risks. GAIASENS is also specialised in air quality studies and forecast as well as investigating and analysing periods of high air pollution.

Gctronic Sagl

GCtronic is active in the fields of electronics, robotics, mechatronics and computer science. It proposes services and consulting for development of projects, products, software and system integration. The company sells and supports its own products as well as third party ones.

Gene Predictis SA

Gene Predictis is a Swiss company dedicated to predictive medicine in the field of genetics. The goal is promotion of predictive diagnosis based on the analysis of genetic variants, paving the way to a highly personalised medical advice

Gene Signal International SA

Gene Signal is a research and development based biotechnology company focused on discovering genes involved in the regulation of angiogenesis. Gene Signal is currently developing therapeutic solutions based on a family of antisense oligonucleotides (short DNA fragments) to conquer disease associated with significant unmet medical needs despite the advent of VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor). Gene Signal is currently completing recruitment for its Phase III study for GS-101 (Aganirsen) in corneal neovascularisation, its most advanced therapeutic ophthalmic solution.

Genes SA

G-DNA is new service that will be soon provided by Genes of long-term cryo-preservation DNA. Banking your DNA is a very important decision, moreover is the first step into the new genetics pathway. G-DNA is your genetic account.

Genohm S.A.

Building upon an extensive bioinformatics consulting expertise within the life sciences, biotechnology and university hospital research market, Genohm put together SLims, a unique LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) environment to support the ever-increasing complexity of handling, sharing, analyzing and understanding biological data in domains such as cell and systems biology, translational research, genomics, proteomics or next generation sequencing.

Geosatis SA

Pour répondre aux exigences d'institutions judiciaires, Geosatis développe des solutions électroniques sécurisées dans le domaine des systèmes de localisation, de suivi et de communication.

GESTE Engineering SA

Development of novel concepts in the field of transportation.

Global Imaging On Line (Suisse) SA

Global Imaging On Line propose un ensemble de solutions puissantes et évolutives permettant de visualiser, de traiter, de communiquer et de sauvegarder les images en provenance de toutes modalités DICOM.

Gnothis Holding SA

Gnothis represents a unique source of knowledge within the field of molecular medicine. New applications and proprietary technologies are developed by Gnothis using single-molecule technology. Shortcomings of existing applications used within the fields of medical diagnosis, drug development and drug therapies can be addressed. Specific, efficient and personalized drugs and medical treatments can be realized.

Gymetrics SA

gymetrics has developed a wireless, battery less pH sensor for cell culture measurement, in shaker flasks, Petri dishes or bioreactors – any environment where cells grow. The cytOsens system eliminates the need for calibration, communicates data on a continuous basis from the incubator or bioreactor to where you need it – on your smart phone, tablet, PC or workstation. cytOSens respects culture protocols and preserves cells by reducing the need for disturbance to measure the environment.


Helyssen Sarl

Helyssen actual know-how concerns essentially the physics and design of radio frequency helicon plasma sources. Plasma processes play a central role in many industrial applications, especially for semiconductor industries (integrated circuits, solar cells, MEMS, …).

Hydros Innovation SA

Research, technologies and projects related to sailing boats.


I-Dent Innovations for Dentistry SA

Provides solutions to dentistry, with beyond mere improvements to existing products (the self-cleaning oral mirror EverClear)

IAV Engineering Sarl

Originating in the field of acoustics and vibration, we are now a network of specialists ranging from applied physics to signal processing.

IcoFlex Sàrl

Micromachining service by abrasion.Drilling, cutting or micrometric etching of glasses, ceramic and numerous brittle materials

Illusonic Sarl

Illusonic invents, develops, and licenses audio technologies. Millions of pro, broadcast, and consumer devices of leading-international-brand manufacturers use Illusonic technologies, enabling amazing perceptions, high fidelity, and unique features.

Imina Technologies SA

Imina Technologies pioneering miBot™ is the world's most compact commercially available mobile robot. It makes interaction with micro- and nanometer-sized objects totally effortless. This revolutionary piezo-based positionner features scalable positioning resolutions and centimeter range of displacements. Turnkey solutions are offered to integrate in no time with light and electron microscopy (SEM) equipment.

Immersive Vision Technologies Sàrl

The first 360º 3D compact camera for the consumer market.

Impact Economy SA

Impact Economy SA is a social finance and strategy firm with headquarters in Lausanne and offices in Geneva and Buenos Aires. Our team on two continents provides research, knowledge and executive education, strategy advisory, governance and financial services to enable individuals, institutions and companies to participate fully and meaningfully in the current transition to the new paradigm of sustainability capitalism or “impact economy”. We define impact economy as the landscape of market mechanisms, entrepreneurial methods and institutional incentives providing goods and services to, or use the productive capabilities of poor or otherwise disadvantaged sections of the population, thereby making an important contribution to wider social transformation and sustainability objectives. Our broad range of clients benefits from the experience, networks and processes built by our leadership team in the past decade, having launched Europe’s first philanthropic services department for a large bank, Europe’s first university course on social entrepreneurship, and taken part in several important innovations in philanthropy and social finance around the world.

Innobridge SA

Founded in 2004, Innobridge SA is a company positioned as a consulting-partner specialized in innovation management, business development, partnership creation and finance engineering. Innobridge has an extensive know-how in evaluating business opportunities and taking advantage of emerging technologies.

Intelligent Technologies Sàrl

Software company with offices on two continents and a successful international sales record with multinationals. A case study focusing on profitable organic growth was written about the company. Most recent venture is z-crd, a next generation payment network and service that aims at challenging the dominance of existing credit card companies. z-crd has attracted media attention and become a worldwide finalist in SWIFT's Innotribe start-up competition.

Intrace Medical SA

Intrace Medical conducts and supports innovative research in several key areas aiming to improve outcome for critically ill patients. The main areas of interest are cancer diagnostics, image guided surgery, and design of novel targeted therapeutics. Intrace Medical establishes collaborations with key universities, medical, and translational centers. Intrace Medical presents an excellent opportunity for early stage investors in biotech.

IPOGEE Consult Sarl

Consisting of engineers with backgrounds in environmental sciences, our team has particular experience in the fast growing area that merges needs for communication, resources management, strategic planning and decision support; this in a general context tending towards a better acknowledgement of environmental complexity when searching for sustainable solutions to contemporary challenges. Data modelling (relational-, object-, multidimensionnal models; specific or generic structures) Visualising and communicating information and possibly complex situations (mapping, reporting, systemic views, charts, etc.) Modelling and simulating (studies, comparison, adaptation, creation, and finally application of simulation models) Planning and decision making (participatory approaches, indicators, scenarios simulation, multi-criteria comparisons)

Ipros Sarl

Supply chain simulation and optimization

Iprova Sàrl

Iprova aims to become the global leader in computer assisted invention. Today we are delivering results across a diverse range of market areas.


Consultancy and software editing company developing and hosting marketing process optimization solutions for global companies

iRewind SA

Swiss tech company with a network of global partners. We offer a patented solution that allows sports enthusiasts and entertainment consumers to capture their experiences and deliver them directly on their mobile devices.


JC Fiduciaire Sàrl

Administration, tax, accounting services


K-Team Corporation

Mobile robots

Kandou Bus SA

Kandou Bus SA is a privately held company specializing in the design of high speed, pin- and energy efficient serial links. Our mission is to lower the energy consumption of electronic devices while enabling new functionalities for end users.

Karmic Sarl

Karmic micro + nano applies state-of-the art micro and nanotechnologies to the area of marking, brand protection and authentication. Our aim is to provide our customers with aesthetic and secure marking solutions which are directly identifiable by the final client at point of sale.

KB Medical SA

KB Medical is a MedTech company providing cost-saving robotic systems for high precision surgery. The company possesses the necessary engineering and medical and bussiness competences for develophing medical devices and bringing them to the market. KB Medical focuses on providing complete surgery solutions, respecting today's medical regulation requirements.

Kisano Suisse SA

Plateforme permettant l'échange sécurisé et encrypté de tout type de données sur les réseaux publics par les acteurs de soins de santé. Un réseau d'échange basé sur le concept P2P - (Point à Point) - peut ainsi être créé sans aucune centralisation des données médicales.



L.E.S.S. SA is an emerging company that develops edgelighting devices that enable the design of thinner, low-power consumption displays dedicated to the future tablets and ultrabooks. At a system level, our technology enables the manufacturers to provide tablets and notebooks with increased autonomy or faster processors with the same battery budget.

Labseed Sarl

Medical implants coating

LE Basis Sciences SA

Services dans le domaine de l'informatique et de la télécommunication, gestion de projets, conception et développement d'infrastructures informatiques et télécommunication, vente de matériel informatique, développement de solutions technologiques innovatrices dans le domaine énergétique

Le Réseau

Le Réseau est une association à but non-lucratif qui a pour objectif principal de promouvoir l’innovation suisse à tous les échelons et de faciliter la création d’entreprises innovantes, au travers d’une participation active aux discussions politiques et économiques. Le Réseau à été crée en 1998 et a suivi un développement intéressant au cours des 15 dernières années. - See more at:

Lemoptix SA

LEMOPTIX PROVIDES MICRO-ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEMS (MEMS)- BASED MICROPROJECTION SOLUTIONS FOR EMBEDDED APPLICATIONS IN CONSUMER MOBILE AND AUTOMOTIVE MARKETS. We offer next generation embeddable microprojection solutions that enable disruptive laser projection applications and contribute to their mass market adoption. These laser projection applications range from automotive head up displays (HUD) to embedded projectors in smartphones and wearable displays. Lemoptix offers its partners and customers innovative breakthroughs in MEMS scanning mirrors, optics and electronics, combined with expertise in total solution architecture, fabrication and assembly processes. We accompany our partners and customers from their initial development stages through customization and prototyping to industrialization and production of new innovative products.

Lyncée Tec SA

Lyncée develops, produces and distributes 3D analysis solutions based on the Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) technology. Lyncée Tec is present on both material and life science markets with its standard product portfolio, as a supplier of customized OEM solutions, and by performing analysis consultancy. DHM are used worldwide in industrial and academic labs, and for production quality inspection.

Léman Micro Devices SA

Leman Micro Devices is a venture-funded company based in the Lac Leman area of Switzerland, focused on making diagnostic medical technology that is easily accessible to consumers in high volume consumer products.



Our site is an interactive guide and a social network at the same time where consumer can use different applications (more help) to easily plan and share experiences with their friends.

Marmot Passive Monitoring Technologies SA

Passive monitoring technologies

Mead Education SA

MEAD Education is offering advanced engineering courses in the field of analog and mixed-signal IC design targeting the audience of electrical engineers, company managers and marketing engineers working in the semiconductor industry.

Mecartex SA

Mecartex SA is a Swiss limited company specialized in designing and producing of systems for high precision applications based on flexures where small movements in a range of millimeters with accuracy up to nanometers are required.

Medaxis AG

Medaxis develops, produces and markets technical medicinal apparatus. All apparatus is based on water-jet technology. They can be distinguished in particular by: • their various applications (wound-rinsing, debridement, dissection) • their variety of hand-grips and nozzles • their different levels of working pressure • their design

Microleman Sarl

MicroLeman is focused on providing xray collimators for work at the micron scale. The principle current application is DNA irradiation of tissue culture cells. Developed at the Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Geneva in Switzerland, the MicroLeman X-ray Collimator can collimate in the micrometer range X-ray beams produced by standard high voltage X-ray tubes. Applications include irradiating part of a nucleus of a cell for studying medical and biological responses to irradiation; and irradiating micrometer-thin sections of materials for nanotechnology fabrication or metronomy.

Micropat SA

During the past ten years, we have been working on the electrochemical micromachining of metals and have gained an expert knowledge in the electrochemical surface treatments of stainless steel and titanium. In this process, we have developed a novel and quite revolutionary micropatterning method.

Microsens SA

Silicon sensors and chemical sensing micro-systems for various applications such as Air & Water safety and quality

Mimotec SA

Manufacturing of micro-components inspired by Liga technology (lithography, electroplating, moulding), the difference being that we use an ultraviolet luminous source rather than X-rays

MindMaze SA

MindMaze is a neurotechnology company committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. MindMaze combines advanced brain monitoring technology with interactive 3D environments to develop the next generation of medical devices for a wide spectrum of neurological disorders.

Minsh Sarl

Social network based on virtual personalities and avatars


Optimisation et développement d'appareils implantables. Développement et recherche de solutions innovantes dans le domaine mécanique et médical.

Motilis Medica SA

Motilis Medica SA is a Swiss company with an innovative pill based technology for diagnosis of the digestive system. We improve the management of patients with functional diseases such as constipation, diarrhea, IBS or gastroparesis.


Namiki Precision of Europe

European Headquarter of its group companies in Japan. It will be covering all Europe for its sales & marketing of product range

Nano Bridging Molecules SA

Nano Bridging Molecules S.A. (‘NBM’) is devoted to researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing its patented SurfLink® range of advanced chemical products for medical metal implants designed to render medical implants biocompatible with the human body.

Nanolive SA

Nanolive has developed a disruptive proprietary technology, which allows for the very first time to explore a living cell in 3D without damaging it. By experiencing the living cell in a completely new way, our 3D Cell-Explorer shows a comprehensive representation in color of its activity. Since the cell is the basis of all life on earth, this is a major milestone in the history of Microscopy, which may change all the rules in the fields of Education, Biology, Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, Labs and Industry. Those markets represents 100.000s of devices, which we will address in connection with our Cloud Biotech Apps and Communities. With our affordable 3D Cell-Explorer, never again researchers will have to “guess” what happens inside a living cell.

Nexthink SA

Endpoint Behavior Management

Novagan Sàrl

NOVAGAN offers epitaxy foundry and processing services for the fabrication of photonic and electronic devices made of III-Nitride semiconductors for biomedical, telecommunications, defense and consumer products markets. We work in close partnership with our customers to design specific solutions.NOVAGAN is a cost-effective, reliable manufacturing and product development partner. NOVAGAN supplies a wide range of customers from fabless companies and SMEs to research groups around the world. NOVAGAN's technology, products and services are the result of ongoing innovation and creativity.

NRCtech SA

Provides experimental and numerical solutions for developments in mechanics and micro-mechanics

nViso Sàrl

Software and electronics for multimedia and security applications. nViso provides the most scalable, robust, and accurate cloud service to measure instantaneous emotional reactions of consumers in online environments. We provide real-time and highly actionable information for Market Research, Brands, Creative Agencies and R&D Product Development. Using award winning and proprietary 3D Facial Imaging technology, compatible with ordinary webcams, we uncover the why and how of customer behaviour in real-time, letting brands make smarter business decisions.


Odysis SA

a company founded in 1997, specialized in the development of innovative software solutions for the laboratory.

OFTTech Ltd

Design and supply of high speed rotors with oil-free air bearings and oil injected bearings for energy efficient turbo-machinery

Omnisens SA

Our systems are based on cutting edge, state-of-the-art fibre-optic technology, developed and optimised to provide unrivalled monitoring performance for each market requirement. This philosophy continues through our extensive research and development, maintaining our position at the forefront of new optical sensing techniques.

Online Automation SA

Online Automation specializes in industrial informatics, i.e. automation and optimization of industrial processes and machines, and computerized production management (MES).

Optis World SA

OPTIS is the world's leading software editor for the simulation of light and human vision. Its solutions are integrated in CATIA V5, SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER. OPTIS unique physics based approach to light simulation guarantees that its software results are as close as possible to real life. Customers include aerospace, automotive, lighting and electronics companies wishing to design and optimize lighting systems, check the readibility and visibility of information on human-machine interfaces, check the appearance of any object in any lighting conditions, taking into account human vision. Recently OPTIS has developed new physics-based simulator technology for testing automotive headlamps, dashboards, flight decks...It launched the world's first real-time physics based rendering solution, THEIA -RT at the virtual reality event Siggraph in 2011.

OSM Open Sports Management SA

OSM Open Sports Management SA manages and develops the marketing and commercial interests of the IMOCA ocean racing class of sailing boats (e.g. Vendée Globe, Barcelona World Race). It set up its Headquarters at the EPFL in Lausanne to draw on the town’s unique position in the world of sports and as a French-speaking market, and to develop the already strong links between the EPFL and the technical innovation of the IMOCA class.OSM’s first objectives include the development of a professional team of sports marketing experts and the setting up of a commercial vision for the class, including a strategic rebranding profile, an optimized event calendar, and an innovative new-media product. It will consolidate and develop new relationships within the scientific world with a view to maintaining and developing the innovation of the class and its scientific projects. (IMOCA ->

Ozwe Sarl

We create Today the interfaces of Tomorrow. Mouse and Keyboard are 30 years old. We believe it is time to invent new ways to interact with information. Our team of experienced designers and engineers master the most innovative technologies to transform science-fiction visions into everyday reality.


Pandora Underwater Equipment SA

SUBA™ is the only automatic way TODAY to improve the safety of a dive by controlling: Depth levels Depth tresholds Ascent rates Dive stop times

PatternLab Sarl

PatternLab is a scientific consulting company founded in 2007. PatternLab offers services in the following form: Custom applied research ("open innovation") Feasibility studies Design of prototypes Development of software/hardware components Independent system/component testing Choice of technology Usability testing


PB&B is developing injections for temporary and permanent breast enhancement, as well as buttock enhancement due to the high demand in Brazil. Three injections types composed of biodegradable microspheres are being developed. Check our Works

PhotoDerma SA

PhotoDerma SA is a development stage company engaged in research and development of novel cosmetics and pharmaceutics, as well as related cosmetic or medical devices in the field of photoactive technologies. It is a spin-off of the medical photonics group of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and has been founded in May 2003 by private shareholders and the EPFL. The main focus of PhotoDerma SA's activity lies on the design and development of photoactive compounds / technologies for cosmetic applications in dermatology.

Pix4D SA

Pix4D provides fast, accurate and fully automatic software solutions for aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry and mapping. We offer software and services that are well adapted for specific input imagery as captured by UAV's, airborne systems and terrestrial photo-collections.

Plus Mat

We provide a simple and novel technology to recover Silicon particles during slurry and diamond wire sawing process.

Polykem Sarl

Polykem is a company active in the development of efficient and economic solutions and the production of safe and innovative materials targeting mainly the agricultural and environmental fields, particularly water resources management and the struggle against desertification.

Polytech Advisors SA

Seed capital fund specialized in investment in technological innovation-based companies based in Western Switzerland

Pomelo Technologies

Our mission is to provide the most valuable consumer behavior data to retailers and consumer good manufacturers

Power Vision Engineering Sarl

Our company has expertise in the fields of Hydraulic, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil engineering and promotes multiphysics approaches to include dynamics of every part of the installation with rational methodology.

Prediggo SA

Prediggo provides search and strategic personalization software to e-shops. Thanks to a unique patented technology developed at EPFL, e-shops can significantly increase their monetization of incoming traffic, while achieving higher user satisfaction. Some of the best worldwide brands trust Prediggo.

Privately Sàrl

Privately Sàrl addresses the issue of user privacy in the context of social networks and cloud services.

ProcSim Consulting Sàrl

Modélisation et simulation de flux et processus pour les industries et les sociétés de services

Program SA

Mechanical design

Promise Innovation International

Promise Innovation is the global leader in its field, specialising in the conception and realisation of Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M) solutions. It is an internationally-networked organisation bringing together highly skilled and motivated individuals and specialised business partners with mutual respect for cultural diversity.

PSA Peugeot Citroën


Qgel SA

Develop and commercialize biotechnology products of therapeutic relevance

Qualimetro SA

Light weight control arms.

Quantis International SA

Expert in Life Cycle Assessment, develops software and provides environmental services to SMEs and multinationals

QuantStreams SA

Our goal is to develop, maintain and operate a multitude of streams for your company, thus bringing Quantum growth to your business. A stream is a very simple application aimed at automating a targeted marketing action when connected with the relevant dataset.

Qwane Biosciences SA

Qwane Biosciences S.A. ("Qwane") is a technology development company that was founded in July 2011 as a spin-off from Ayanda Biosystems SA, Lausanne, Switzerland. Qwane is located at the PSE Science Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, one of the leading European research centers that provides state-of-the-art environment for new technical and biomedical developments. Qwane has access to the EPFL state-of-the-art microfabrication facility for product development and manufacturing in small series.


Renaissance PME

Renaissance PME est une fondation suisse d'investissement permettant aux institutions de prévoyance suisses d’investir directement dans des sociétés suisses non cotées ayant un fort potentiel de croissance.

Rheon Medical SA

Developer of an implantable drainage device for the treatment of glaucoma

routeRANK Ltd

Specialized in IT for mobility, routeRANK provides web-based software solutions for travel planning. Unlike other solutions that consider only one means of transport at a time, it addresses the entire door-to-door travel route by integrating rail, road and air connections and their many multi-modal combinations. In a single search, the patent-pending technology finds and ranks the best possible travel routes in a single view, allowing users to sort them according to their priorities such as price, travel time and CO2 emissions.


Saphetor SA

Analysis of genetic variation from next-generation sequencing data Accurate and timely analysis of whole genome, exome or large panel variation data. Annotation and prioritisation of genomic variants using our comprehensive curated database provide the shortest route to a reliable diagnosis

ScanTrust SA

Increase trust in your brand Empower consumers or other stakeholders to check a product’s authenticity or learn about its origin with their mobile phone. Start a dialogue based on mutual trust with consumers and increase loyalty to enhance your business.

Second Sight Medical Products (Suisse) Sàrl

Through dedication and innovation, Second Sight’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market implantable visual prosthetics to enable blind individuals to achieve greater independence.

Seiri Consulting Sàrl

Seiri is a technology and management consultancy providing IT solutions to clients in Europe and the Middle East. Our practice focuses on helping companies use advanced information technology to optimize performance and gain added competitive advantage. Our delivery model enables flexibility; which gives clients and our team of consultants what they really want: high quality outcome, flexible working relationship, and a final product that is good value for money. We offer a network of diversely experienced IT consultants with first class training. Dedicated, technically proficient in-house staff working on day-to-day basis with clients team up with independent IT professionals eager to share their expertise.

Senis Gmbh

SENIS provides to its clients advanced magnetic field measurement instruments and the corresponding development and engineering services.

Sensefly SA

senseFly is a swiss company developing autonomous flying sensors and related software and hardware solutions. The company was founded at the end of 2009 as a spin-off of the EPFL*-based Laboratory of Intelligence Systems, a leading research organization in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Sensile Technologies SA

Sensile Technologies supplies solutions to the oil & gas industry for remote monitoring of fuel tanks – so you will always know exactly how much petrol, LPG, or heating oil is in your tanks, from the comfort of your desk. This allows optimized purchases and deliveries, reduced logistics costs, improved customer service and binding, and the insurance that tanks will never run dry.

Sensima Inspection Sarl

Activities in the field of Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Sensima Technologies

Sensima Technology SA is a fabless semiconductor company founded in 2008 which develops magnetic sensors on a chip

Sensimed SA

Sensimed AG, a Swiss medical devices company, has developed a novel solution to monitor intraocular pressure continuously up to 24 hours. The solution consists of a soft, non-invasive contact lens which encapsulates a telemetric sensor. The external system consists of an adhesive antenna worn around the eye attached to a portable recording device.

Sensoptic SA

SENSOPTIC was originally established as a designer and manufacturer of precision optical sensors for a wide variety of customized industrial applications. Since 2001, recognizing a growing demand of measuring systems for quality control of small defects on fine wires and filaments, SENSOPTIC has focused on manufacturing and marketing a new range of optical sensors and measuring systems.

Sensorscope Sarl

Sensorscope provides a flexible turn-key sensing system to study environmental parameters while minimizing the cost of setting up a complete monitoring system. We provide and commercialize a new generation of measurement systems with a built-in capacity to produce high-density spatio-temporal measures. Unlike traditional standalone data loggers, our solution is based on multiple wireless stations that auto-organize into a smart spatial entity, monitoring its environment.

Sente SA

Software development, in particular for iphone and ipad

Shockfish SA

Over ten years, thousands of events, and millions of connections later, SpotMe creates and delivers meeting architecture services and mobile technology for meetings that matter.

Signal Processing SA

Starting in 1990 Signal Processing has put on the market a new series of velocity profilers, the DOP1000 series, which improves and enlarges the performances and applications of ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry. Our aim is to provide imaginative ultrasonic instruments that meet real needs and that represent the best solutions that current technology can offer to the problems they address.

Simple Data Sarl

Simple Data Sàrl est une société d'ingénieurie en informatique. Spécialisée dans les solutions sur-mesures pour PME.

Simpliquity Sarl

Interactive mockups

Smallrivers SA

Web tool engineering company, empowering smart-hyperlinks for Web2.0 applacations and content editors

Smartec SA

SMARTEC SA was founded in 1996 as a startup, resulting from the development of the SOFO monitoring system at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL). In 2000 the company integrated the DiTeSt system (Brillouin), DiTemp system (Raman) and 3DeMoN system (Laser) in its solutions. In 2001 SMARTEC SA in-sourced the production of SOFO sensors in its own facility in Manno and enlarged its offering of engineering, support and training services. In 2005 the MuST product line, based on fiber Bragg gratings, was introduced. In 2006 SMARTEC was acquired by the Roctest group, a world leader manufacturer of instrumentation used in civil engineering, geotechnical and industrial applications. MARTEC's products and experience of SMARTEC's engineers reflects through more than 500 monitoring projects in 30 countries on all continents.

SmartGene Services Sàrl

Development of informatics and data management solutions for genomics

Solar Impulse SA

Around the world in a solar airplane

Solaronix SA

Solaronix is the leading supplier of Dye Solar Cell components and specialty chemicals.

SolNanoTek SA

Développement et commercialisation des énergies renouvelables liés à la nanotechnologie et énergies solaires.

Solterra Fotovoltaico SA

Solterra is a Swiss company founded in 1994 and certified ISO 9001:2008. Since 1998, it has started the production of photovoltaic cells and modules of high quality. It produces and markets a full range of integrated components for photovoltaic systems forming a single point of purchase specialist.

SonoView Acoustic Sensing Technologies

SONOVIEW Acoustic Sensing Technologies Sàrl was founded in 2010 by Dr. Ivana Jovanovic. SONOVIEW specializes in breakthrough non-invasive acoustic sensing technologies, signal processing, inverse problems, time delay estimation, beamforming and spatial sound.

Sophia Genetics SA

la société a pour but la gestion, la conservation et l'entreposage d'archives de toute nature, notamment d'archives informatiques et de papiers ainsi que la conception, la réalisation, la maintenance, la vente et la location de systèmes, produits et services s'y rapportant; le développement, la gestion et le transfert de licences et contrats de franchise y relatives; la conservation et l'archivage de données dans le domaine de la génétique.

Sphère Finance SA

La gestion de patrimoine, les opérations financières pour son propre compte ou pour le compte de tiers, l'intermédiation en matière financière ainsi que la prestation de tous services dans ces domaines

Spinomix SA

Spinomix SA is a life science company developing fully automated and miniaturized systems enabling extraction, manipulation and detection of biochemical substances.

StereoTools SA

StereoTools has been founded in May 2009 to bring the StereoPod to the market.. The StereoPod brings several advantages for the patients, the neurosurgeons and the hospitals: Minimal invasiveness Accuracy and ease to use MRI compatibility Possibility for bilateral simultaneous procedures Shorter procedure Cost effective device The StereoPod must be used in combination of software and an external calibration device. The complete solution is composed of a reusable kit and consumables. The StereoPod is a good solution to replace currently used devices: stereotactic frames and navigation systems. It is adapted to all existing stereotactic neurosurgical procedures: biopsy, deep brain stimulation and stereotactic injection.

Strokelab SA

StrokeLab provides medical doctors with relevant decision-supporting information about the specific intracranial aneurysms of patients.


SwissINSO is a pioneer in innovative solar energy solutions


Cutting-edge Terahertz components for applications up to 10 THz based on patent-pending technologies.

Synova SA

Synova is a leading provider of innovative laser cutting systems for a broad range of micromachining and dicing applications. Our aim is to provide leading-edge device manufacturers with superior manufacturing and cost-competitive advantages through the use of our technology.


Texas Instruments ITC

Our goal is to bring a new generation of innovative thinkers - potential employees, future customers and educators - into the TI fold on campus, online, in labs and all places in between.

Typesafe Switzerland Sàrl

We have founded Scala Solutions to provide the tools and services needed by Scala developers to create mission-critical applications that are reliable, quick to develop and easy to maintain.



Venture kick supports potential entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to win up to CHF 130'000 in funding.


venturelab trains high-tech startups and offers entrepreneurship courses for students of higher education

VI Partners AG

Venture capital

ViaSat Antenna Systems

Swiss company specialized in the development of innovative antennas for fixed and mobile satellite telecommunications


In the late 1990's, two groups in Switzerland independently studied and created intellectual property about augmented reality on mobile devices. At the time of the initial patent filings, technology was not mature enough to make realistic demonstrations. This changed gradually, by the mid 2000's, when technology turned out to be mature enough, demonstrations of automatic image annotation started to be developed. Discussion between the two groups started in 2009 to pool the intellectual property and know how into a strong, coherent pool. This lead to the creation of Vidinoti in 2010, which has access to the pool of patents and all the developments done at EPFL. Operations started in the summer of 2010, with the build-up of an engineering team. Meanwhile, several key demonstrations are under way and new intellectual property is being generated.

Vinci Capital SA

Financing and expansion of industrial and technology SMEs based in Switzerland.

Voisin Consulting Sàrl

Voisin Consulting Life Sciences assists in the design and implementation of customized regulatory strategies for the development and registration of innovative healthcare products (drugs, medical devices, combination products, nutraceutics). We support product developers in their efforts to respond to current and future regulatory requirements while enabling them to manage their stakeholders demands through high-quality scientific and regulatory expertise. Our contemporary approach to product development is delivered by experienced scientific and regulatory experts. We strive to maintain a close-to-client, integrated structure working as a single team that provides enhanced communication, reactivity and flexibility.


Wavecall SA

Wavecall, through its software product WaveSight, excels in a field that can truly leverage your network design dollars - ray tracing for accurate radio wave predictions. Whether you are building a new 3G network, optimizing a 2G network, or planning a public safety network or municipal wi-fi system, Wavecall has the tools you need to see your actual radio coverage. For accuracy and speed, turn to the powerful black box: WaveSight by Wavecall.

World-Connect Services Sàrl

Propose une gamme complète de services informatiques pour PME 24h/24 et 7J/7 à Lausanne et Région lémanique


Xtenso Sarl

Management, Organisation et Optimisation Industriels


Zace Services SA

Scientific training and software