Fiaxell Sàrl



Phone021 693 86 13

PSE, EPFL site

PSE-A - basement

1015 Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Raphaël Ihringer

Activity domain

Fiaxell is a company active in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), which provides components for SOFC research and development. We have developed with EPFL, the Open Flanges Test Set-Up, a reliable test bench for SOFC and SOEC button cell. The Open Flanges allows for flexible cell dimension and quick mounting time, it can reach high fuel utilization and achieves performances similar to complex sealed setups. Electrolysis (water, CO2) and in situ gas processing for SOEC are also possible with our integrated steamer and gas processor. We provide as well accessories for SOFC testing: gold, nickel and crofer mesh and gauze for electrode current collection, interconnects (Cell-Connex) and inks (organic and water soluble) for screen printing. We are also active in R&D and have developed a redox resistant anode supported cell (ASC), the 2R-Cell. Fiaxell is also official retailer of swiss made PEM hydrogen generator, reliable mass flow controllers and ceramic powders.

Keywords : gold, nickel and crofer mesh and gauze for electrode, cathode current collection, SOFC, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, test rig, bench set-up for SOFC button cell, hydrogen generator, PEM, redox resistant anode supported cell (ASC), SOEC, water and CO2 hydrolysis

Open Flanges Set-Up, flexible cell sizes and quick mouting-dismounting for testing SOFC button cells