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Atracsys Sarl



Phone+ 41 (0) 21 533 09 00

Fax+ 41 (0) 21 533 09 01

Ch. de Maillefer, 47

1052 Le Mont sur Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Gaetan Marti

Activity domain

Atracsys LLC is an independent privately held company founded in 2004 to exploit over ten years of research in minimally invasive surgery and optical tracking at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. We design, manufacture and market the highest precision devices for researchers working on leading-edge 3D optical tracking in medical research, education and industry. Atracsys also creates interactive solutions (multi-touch software and custom hardware) to let your customers live an unforgettable experience, increase your sales and improve your brand image. We help you design your project and provide support every step of the way. Stand out from the competition !

Keywords : Medtech, electronics

Atracsys Sarl is a spin-off of LSRO2