Spin-Off EPFL

Belair Biotech SA



Rue des Bains, 33

1211 Geneva 8


Responsible Mr.   Luye Enga

Activity domain

A Swiss company that has received international recognition for its innovative approach to resolving some of the difficult problems of detecting and cleaning up pollution, via biological treatments, BELAIR is currently perfecting methods of wastewater treatment, the transformation of waste residues into biofuels, and general bioremediation of toxic waste. Partner in an EU FP7 project, BACSIN, BELAIR is involved in analyses of microbial communities and stressors in bioreactor processes. Incorporated in 2007, BELAIR relies on bioreactor technology and is preparing to launch its solutions on a worldwide scale.

Keywords : Biotech, Environment

Belair Biotech SA is a spin-off of ENAC