Spin-Off EPFL

Fastcom Technology SA



Phone+41 (0) 21 619 06 70

Fax+41 (0) 21 619 06 71

Avenue de Provence, 4

1007 Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Fabrice Moscheni

Activity domain

The company provides the following solutions and services: SMACS: Complete solutions for managing securely physical flows between public zones to secure zones (e.g. airlocks, entry doors, …) SFA: Complete solutions for early detection of smoke and fire based on IR&video data STCS solutions: Solutions and services for securely and efficiently connecting server-based applications and data to thin-clients Consulting services: Services range from defining the architecture to implementing and testing the solution. Typical domains are physical and data security, embedded systems and mobile devices

Keywords : Video, security

Fastcom Technology SA is a spin-off of LEI