Imina Technologies SA



Phone41 (22) 534 90 78

PSE, EPFL site

PSE-E - ground floor

1015 Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Benoit Dagon

Activity domain

Imina Technologies pioneering miBot™ is the world's most compact commercially available mobile robot. It makes interaction with micro- and nanometer-sized objects totally effortless. This revolutionary piezo-based positionner features scalable positioning resolutions and centimeter range of displacements. Turnkey solutions are offered to integrate in no time with light and electron microscopy (SEM) equipment.

Keywords : Test & Measurement, Robotics, Microscopy, Material Research, Microelectronics

Imina Technologies SA is a spin-off of the EPFL Robotics Laboratory (LSRO)

The miBot: the world's most compact mobile robot with nanometer resolution of positioning.


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