Spin-Off EPFL

Microleman Sarl



route d'Hermance, 550

1248 Hermance


Responsible Mr.   Athanassios Halazonetis

Activity domain

MicroLeman is focused on providing xray collimators for work at the micron scale. The principle current application is DNA irradiation of tissue culture cells. Developed at the Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Geneva in Switzerland, the MicroLeman X-ray Collimator can collimate in the micrometer range X-ray beams produced by standard high voltage X-ray tubes. Applications include irradiating part of a nucleus of a cell for studying medical and biological responses to irradiation; and irradiating micrometer-thin sections of materials for nanotechnology fabrication or metronomy.

Keywords : Nanotechnology fabrication or metronomy

Microleman Sarl is a spin-off of LMIS1