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CFS Engineering SA



Phone021 693 84 71

Fax021 693 84 73

PSE, EPFL site

PSE-A - 3rd floor

1015 Lausanne

Service provider

Responsible Mr.   Jan Vos

Activity domain

CFS Engineering is specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations for complex engineering problems. Studies made range from bio-medical flow simulations to high speed re-entry capsule simulations. CFS Engineering also maintains the Aircraft Design software suite CEASIOM ( that can be used in the conceptual aircraft design phase.

Keywords : Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Structure Interaction, Aero-elasticity, bio-fluid mechanics, Aircraft Design

CFS Engineering SA is a spin-off of the fluid mechanics laboratory EPFL (currently LFMI)


CFS Engineering Offers services in the Numerical Simulation of Fluid Dynamics, Structural Mechanics and interdisciplinary problems.