Spin-Off EPFL



Route de la Fonderie, 6

1700 Fribourg


Responsible Mr.   Serge Ayer

Activity domain

In the late 1990's, two groups in Switzerland independently studied and created intellectual property about augmented reality on mobile devices. At the time of the initial patent filings, technology was not mature enough to make realistic demonstrations. This changed gradually, by the mid 2000's, when technology turned out to be mature enough, demonstrations of automatic image annotation started to be developed. Discussion between the two groups started in 2009 to pool the intellectual property and know how into a strong, coherent pool. This lead to the creation of Vidinoti in 2010, which has access to the pool of patents and all the developments done at EPFL. Operations started in the summer of 2010, with the build-up of an engineering team. Meanwhile, several key demonstrations are under way and new intellectual property is being generated.

Keywords : augmented reality on mobile devices

Vidinoti is a spin-off of LCAV