Innobridge SA



Phone079 636 2035

Fax021 693 89 70

PSE, EPFL site

PSE-A - ground floor

1015 Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Xavier Arreguit

Activity domain

Founded in 2004, Innobridge SA is a company positioned as a consulting-partner specialized in innovation management, business development, partnership creation and finance engineering. Innobridge has an extensive know-how in evaluating business opportunities and taking advantage of emerging technologies.

Keywords : Innovation, fincancing, funding, feasibility, strategy, market research, business, developpement, technology, audit, , telecommunication, telecom, medtech, cleantech, service, consulting, R&D

Accelerating your innovation

A unique know-how

  • in terms of managing innovation, from product development to industrialization and market entry;
  • leveraging emerging technologies and our team of multi-disciplinary people, to develop new business models;
  • in creating, financing and managing / coaching start-up, business units or joint-ventures
  • in setting-up innovation centers and incubators
  • in creating and managing investment funds (hands on management of seed and early stage companies)