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Calcom ESI SA



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PSE, EPFL site

PSE-A - 4th floor

1015 Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Philippe Thévoz

Activity domain

Software developments in the fields of Virtual Manufacturing and Virtual Prototyping

Keywords : Simulation, métallurgie, fonderie, forge, cours, mechanics

Calcom ESI SA is a spin-off of LSMX


Calcom supplies for software products:Continuous Casting Simulationcalcosoft®: 2D and 3D modelling of various solidification processes, in particular continuous and semi-continuous casting processes, which include the analysis of heat and fluid flow, thermosolutal convection, induction heating and stirring, grain modelling, inverse modelling and metallurgical phenomena.Shape Casting SimulationProcast?: 3D modelling of shape casting, dedicated to solidification analysis, mould filling, radiation, thermo-mechanical stresses and microstructure formation.Metal Forming SimulationDEFORM?: 2D and 3D simulation system designed to analyse the flow of various metal forming processes. Typical DEFORM? applications include forging, extrusion, heading, rolling, cogging, deep drawing and bending.Finite Element Mesh GenerationMeshcast?: Fully automatic 3D finite element mesh (FEM) generation, with the highest level of integration available in the modern CAD/CAE chain.