Cleanea Sàrl



Phone+41 (78) 965 51 01

PSE, EPFL site

PSE-C - 2nd floor

1015 Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Stéphane Schmaltz

Activity domain

Conception, development and production of a machine able to produce up to 90% of any building's cleaning products on site. Thanks to our innovative and patented electrolysis system, you can produce your own detergents on site out of salt, water and electricity only.

Keywords : electrolysis, green, detergent, ecology, biodegradable, sustainable development, environment, working conditions



Presentation of the Europa V5

With the Europa V5, you can produce "on demand" two complementary solutions : A red acidic solution to disinfect all types of bacteria as Listeria, HIV, e-coli, salmonella, compliant with EN 1275, EN 1276 and EN 1240. It shines stainless steel, anodized aluminum, painted surfaces, glasses, mirrors… - A blue alkaline solution to clean and degrease all types of surfaces as ceramics, chrome, stainless steel, carpets, as well as most furniture for homes, offices, hotels and hospitals. Both solutions are pollution free and biodegradable, which differs from traditional cleaning agents.