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1015 Lausanne


Responsible Mr.   Raphaël Gindrat

Activity domain

BestMile is a Swiss startup active in developing solutions and services for urban mobility. These offers are designed to manage any vehicle fleet which brings a solution to the last mile problem. BestMile was created in January 2014 by three alumni of the EPFL (Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne) with experience in planning of transport systems as well as operation of innovative vehicles. Our expertise lies in accompanying of our clients in the setup and operation of a multi-modal, turnkey mobility service, whose real-time management allows an improvement in service quality as well as a noteworthy lowering of operational costs. BestMile offers its clients: (1) A “public transport”-type approach, from planning to execution of a last mile mobility service, (2) A unique software to operate heterogeneous fleets of innovative and traditionnal vehicles, and (3) Assistance in the operation of innovative mobility solutions with a focus on automated transport systems

Keywords : Mobility solution provider, innovative mobility, operator, fleet management system