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Responsible Mr.   Yves Emery

Activity domain

Lyncée develops, produces and distributes 3D analysis solutions based on the Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) technology. Lyncée Tec is present on both material and life science markets with its standard product portfolio, as a supplier of customized OEM solutions, and by performing analysis consultancy. DHM are used worldwide in industrial and academic labs, and for production quality inspection.

Keywords : Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM), Live 3D optical profilometry. MEMS analysis, 3D optical inspection, optical patch clamp, High Content Screening, Quantitative Phase Microscopy, RBC analysis

Reflection and transmission DHM by Lyncée


Characterize your samples like you couldn't before

DHM is a unique and patented technology, providing very precise measurement at unrivaled fast rate and in any environmental conditions.

Holographic Optical Profilometry

Measure moving samples, interact live with it and investigate dynamic properties:

  • Live 3D Profilometer
  • Holographic MEMS Analyzer
  • Transparent Pattern Characterization
  • 3D Optical Inspection

Biological Imaging

Label free and non photo-toxic characterization and time lapse measurement of living cells

  • High Content Screening
  • Optical Patch Clamp
  • Hematological Clinical Parameters
  • Quantitative Phase Microscopy QPM


Lyncée collaborates with many institutes to provide users state-of-the art instruments. Among other collaborations:

  • EPFL, Brain and Mind Institure, Laboratory of Neuroenergetics and Cellular Dynamics
  • EPFL, Faculté de Sciences et Technique de l'Ingénieur, Laboratoire de dispositifs photoniques appliqués
  • EMPA, Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing
  • NTB, Institut für Produktionsmesstechnik, Werkstoffe und Optik PWO